"My father got here in 1901 and worked for Charlie Redmond on Paradise Hill and then staked is claim in 1903 on Nugget Hill. I worked with him when i turned 16 years old in 1936 and worked gold mining on and off for 55 years."

John Gould, second generation gold miner and local historian.


Skookum Jim, George Carmack and Dawson Charlie found the first Bonanza gold and staked their claims on August 17, 1896. Word spread quickly and very soon claims were staked all along Bonanza and Eldorado creeks. D. B. Mckay was appointed as the recorder at a miner’s meeting on Bonanza Creek on August 23, 1896 and the claims were informally recorded. Many of these men were still mining when William Ogilvie surveyed Bonanza and Eldorado creeks in June 1899.




Above Discovery Claim

No.1 Frank Bowker

No.2 T.W. Còbbs

No.3 Knut Halstead

No.4 T.C. Clements

No.5 Frank Keller

No.6 Antone F. Stander

No.7 Louis Emkans

No.8 James McNamee

No.9 George DeMars

No.10 John Erikson

No.11 Fred Brusetts

No.12 Wm. D. Johns

No.13 W. L. Warner

No.14 William Scouse

No.15 William Shaw

No .16 C. Vanalestine

No.17 John Zarnousky

No.18 Joe Bourgevin

No.19 Harry Proteau

No.20 Joseph DesRoche

No.21 Jean Brenier

No.22 Thomas Moran

No.23 Axel Orr

No.24 George Mulligan

No.25 Caggie Mordeu

No.26 Charles Worden

No.27 Andrew McDonald

No.28 Humbolt Gates

No.29 Winfield S. Oles

No.30 Joseph Cazelais

No.31 Herman Laakman

No.32 Henry C. Anderson

No.33 Harry Olsen

No.34 John Murray

No.35 Thomas Cook

No.36 Cornellious Vanalstein

No.37 Andrew Olsen

No.38 Albert Magan

No.39 Joseph Ladue

No.40 Patrick Galvin

No.41 W. E. Olmstead

No.42 Ben F. Treasure

No.43 George P. Bunt

No.44 C. Edmonds

No.45 John Hartwell

No.46 John Claffey

No.47 Edmond Dubuque

No.48 A. J. Thayer

No.49 Louis LaPlante








No.1 ‘‘Tagish’’ Skookum Jim

No.2 Joseph. J. Dusel

No.3 Thomas W. Kirkpatrick

No.4 Joe E. Boucher

No.5 Henry Schaffer

No.6 Fred Ledoucer

No.7 Peter (First Nation)

No.8 Tom (First Nation)

No.9 Fritz Kloke

No.10 Albert Fox

No.11 Webb Lumpkins

No.12 H. D. Wright 

No.13 H. McCullough

No.14 N. E. Picotte

No.15 Alex. Drou

No.16 James Munro

No.17 Jack Smith

No.18 Ben Anderson

No.19 John Wick

No.20 Wm. Gauvin

No.21 L. B. Rhoads 

No.22 R. Butler

No.23 Charles Overland 

No.24 Ed Tomas

No.25 M. Young

No.26 James Rowan

No.27 Ben Wold

No.28 James McHoen

No.29 Robert Karlson

No.30 Frank Caroll

No.31 Arthur Cook

No.32 Eugene Duval

No.33 Nels Johnson

No.34 Thos Black

No.35 Ezekeil Ogilvie

No.36 Alex A. McDonald

No.37 Frank Ohiscator

No.38 Jay Whiple

No.39 John Brothers

No.40 Evert Ward

No.41 E.W Jenhins

No.42 C. J. Berry

No.43 Thos. Pelky

No.44 W. Warburton

No.45 G. A Wilson

No.46 C. E. Frampton

No.47 Frank Leonard

No.48 W. B. Stolder

No.49 J.P. Peterson

No.50 Victor Lord

No.51 J. J. Brown

No.52 George Johansen

No.53 Fred Webster

No.54 S. R. Churchill

No.55 T. B. Shaven

No.56 M. R. Growler