Paulatuuq, Place of soot

The name Paulatuuq means, “a place of soot”. The hamlet derives its name from the nearby Smoking Hills, where local Inuit (Inuvialuit) gathered coal. With a population of 300, Paulatuuq is a mecca for sports hunting and fishing. The Inuvialuit still depend on a subsistence lifestyle to feed their families and are guides for hunting and fishing. The licensed operators will be happy to take you on boat tours of the area and you can stay at local camps for a taste of life on the land. Meet the craftspeople that create carvings, tapestries and handicrafts in the Inuvialuit tradition. Wherever you go, whatever you see, consider Paulatuuq the start of your adventure.

Places to See

Begin your journey at the new Paulatuuq Parks Canada Visitors Centre where you will find information about the people and places to visit in Paulatuuq, as well as the sites and experiences that await you in the surrounding region. Whether you plan to canoe, hike, fish or hunt, there are spots that will stand in your memory for life.

For information, contact:
Hamlet of Paulatuk
PO Box 98, Paulatuk, NT  X0E 1N0
Phone: 867-580-3531 • Fax: 867-580-3703
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://paulatuk.lgant.ca