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   South Klondike Highway Road Log
KM 157.5: Junction with Alaska Highway. Whitehorse is 19 km north of the junction.
KM 152: Kookatsoon Lake. Small, sandy beach with warm, shallow water and a playground with
day use area.
KM 139: Robinson Roadhouse
KM 138.5: Annie Lake Road.Continues
about a kilometer to Annie Lake Golf Course and another 16 km to Annie Lake and the Wheaton River. Do a kennel tour at Alayuk Adventures!
KM 136.6: Bear Creek/Mount Lorne Trail (mi 13.0). Just after crossing the creek, there is a parking area
to right for the 5 km hiking trail to Mount Lorne. Trailhead is across the highway.
KM 116.5: Spirit & Emerald Lakes. Highway splits these two beautiful lakes. From the turnout on the
hill above Emerald Lake you can photograph one of the Yukon’s most stunning vistas. The lake’s shallow, sandy bottom gives it a colour and beauty that’s unsurpassed in the North.
KM 107: Affectionately known as
the “World’s Smallest Desert.” the 260-hectare expanse of sand that once lay on the bottom of a large glacial lake covering the entire valley bottom. Strong winds off Bennett Lake keep the sand here constantly shifting, rendering it difficult for
plants other than lodgepole pine and kinnikinnick to grow
KM 105.7: Tagish Road Junction. Turn left to go to Tagish (34 km), Jake’s Corner (55 km), and Atlin (153 km).
KM 104.9: Carcross Grocery & RV Park. Just past Carcross turnoff: gas station, store, diner, laundromat and RV park.
KM 104.7:
Road to the right leads to Carcross (population 470) is situated on the shores of Bennett Lake. Checkout the Carcross Commons which features the Carcross Visitor Information Centre, the Carving Shed, coffee shops and restaurants. Park your rig at the local RV Park and the many trails nearby
KM 104.4: Nares Lake. The bridge spans the narrows between Nares and Bennett Lake.
KM 94.3: Bove Island
This island was a menace for boatmen heading to the Klondike. Excellent view to the east of Lime Mountain and Tagish Lake.
KM 90.7: Conrad City. Highway turns uphill over “Big Thing Creek” and passes an old tram tower. At top of hill a road to the left leads to the old townsite of Conrad City. Conrad, in the shadow of the mountain of the same name, once had a population of about 3,000. The now-abandoned
town of Conrad City supported the Venus silver mine in the early 1900s.
KM 90: Conrad Campground. Yukon’s newest campground with several sites overlooking Tagish Lake. Hike the nearby Sam McGee Trail, also called the Mountain Hero Trail. It connects to Carcross's famous mountain bike trail system.
KM 82.7: Venus Mine.
The remains of a stamp mill and boat house along Windy Arm can
be viewed from the side of the road. The small mill operated for only six months in 1910 before the mine shut down. Don’t pick berries in this area, as they are tainted with arsenic.
KM 79.4: Windy Arm, Tagish Lake. This long, narrow, windy body of water is an arm of Tagish Lake which stretches toward Carcross and then horseshoes around the mountains to the east toward Ben-My-Chree, some 80 km away. Decent fishing for lake trout. The Tagish name for the lake, Tséi Zhéłe' Méne', refers to the howling sound made by the wind in the rocks across the lake.
KM 63.5: Tutshi Picnic Area.
Short road to left to picnic area and boat landing.
KM 56.1: Beginning of a beautiful stretch of highway that runs along the west side of the lake (pronounced “Too Shy”) for approximately 16 km.
KM 48.1: Tutshi River & Falls Highway follows turbulent Tutshi and into
a marsh and down a gully after it reaches the lake. This is becoming a popular recreational area for expert whitewater kayakers and rafting groups. For a small fee you can enjoy an exhilirating walk across the canyon on the suspension bridge. Contact Tatshenshini Rafting if you want to run the canyon with their guided groups. A very fun day grip.
KM 43.2: Log Cabin. Highway crosses railroad tracks. Parking area and displays about adjacent Chilkoot
Trail National Historic Site. Log Cabin was named for a way station on the White Pass Trail between the summit and Lake Lindeman. As the gold rush developed, a small town of 20 frame buildings sprang up. After the gold rush, the town crumbled and became a flag stop and section house. The Buckwheat Ski Classic course winds through this area every March.
KM 42.4: Teepee Valley. Turnout and view west of Teepee Valley, where the Fantail Trail led to the Atlin rush of 1899. Also known to some as “Tormented Valley.”
KM 36.5: Fraser, B.C. & Canada Customs. Open year-round from
8 a.m. - midnight Pacific Time. All persons entering Canada from the U.S. must stop and report. Turnout just past Customs features display on the Yukon and B.C. View of Bernard Lake. This year most likely your turn around point.
Photo: YG/ Hans G Pfaff

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