Ch’ooneta Ma Stoow

Respected and much loved Tagish Elder of the Delsheetaan nation, Mrs. Angela Sidney co authored three important historical documents: “My Stories are My Wealth” and “Tagish Tiaagu”, written narratives of traditional Tagish legends and a document of Tagish Place Names for southern Yukon.

Co-founder of the Yukon International Storytelling Festival, Mrs. Sidney spent her entire life working for her community to ensure that her people’s traditions, language, dances and stories were passed on to the next generation. For these endeavours she received the Order of Canada in 1984. Her own words illustrate the beauty and humility of such a generous and noble woman:

“I have no money to leave for my grandchildren. My stories are my wealth!”

Although the Yukon International Storytelling Festival has been on an indefinite sabbatical since 2010, Mrs. Sidney continues to be remembered for her contributions to Tagish linguistics and ethnography, and for her efforts to preserve and continue the traditional dances, languages, and stories of the Tagish people.