Guaranteed Wildlife!

The Yukon WIldlife Preserve is a unique wildlife viewing property that features 10 species of northern Canadian mammals in their natural environment. With over 700 acres with various natural habitats, the Yukon Wildlife Preserve offers unrivaled wildlife viewing and photo opportunities. Convenient visitor parking with space for commercial buses and recreational vehicles is located at the entrance of the property.

On arrival, enter the log reception building, where friendly wildlife interpreters will orientate you. You will have the option to take a regularly scheduled guided bus tour. If you prefer to go at your own pace, you can explore on foot, taking advantage of interpretive panels along the way. Animal feeding stations are centrally located in each enclosure. Animals gather here around feeding times, increasing their visibility to visitors. Your tour may or may not coincide with the feeding schedules.

Remarkably varied landscapes like low-lying flat lands, rolling hills, wetlands, and steep rock cliffs make for accurate presentation of Northern Canadian wildlife. While exploring the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, you may see woodland caribou, Canada lynx, elk, mountain goats, Alaska Yukon moose, mule deer, muskoxen, wood bison, arctic foxes, and two varieties of thinhorn sheep (Dall’s Sheep and Stone Sheep). Please admire, but do not touch or feed the wildlife. A full-time veterinarian and animal care staff are dedicated to the health and well-being of the animals.

Dogs and other pets are NOT permitted on the Yukon Wildlife Preserve grounds. This is a measure to control the spread of disease to the wildlife. For the health of the wildlife and the safety of your pets, we request that visitors please leave them at home. For more information, visit http://www.yukonwildlife.ca/